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How do you clear cloudy water in your hot tub?

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frothy-waterThere are many factors that cause cloudy water.

Here are som tips that may help clear the water.

First things first:

Do you know when the last time you drained your hot tub?
Your hot tub water must be drained every 3 to 4 months.  Sometimes you'll need to be drained more often. One of the most important factor is your usage if you use your hot tub with 2 or more people, more than 3 times per week - you are a high usage soaker!  2 people X 3 times per week X 4 week a month is 24 people per month.

On average each person sweats 1 pint of sweat per hour - do the math; thats a lot of sweat!

So, it's best for water clarity to drain the spa at least every 3-4 months!


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