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How to get my Hot Tub ready for Spring?

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Welcoming-the-springtime-in-ClevelandPreparing Your Spa for Spring

Our Ohio Springs are a welcome change and it is the best time of the year for hot tubbing. Soaking in your tub relaxes and promotes a restful night's sleep.

Start your hot tub care into a routine in Springtime, and it will keep you soaking for months with clear water. 

  Our On Call Services:
  1.      Spa plumbing repairs
2.      Heater repair and replacement
3.      Pump repair and replacement
4.      Spa control repair and replacement
5.      Filer replacement
6.      Monthly spa cleaning contracts
7.      Springtime inspections
8.      Spa start ups
9.      Drain, Clean and fill service
10.  Spa and Hot tub moving

Drain & Refill

These simple steps will keep your Cleveland tub clear and clean for months. The first step is to flush the system and remove unwanted scaling in your plumbing.  It is important to be sure the hot tup is clean before you refill; including the inside of the plumbing. Small amounts of residual water may remain and become stagnant. Flushing the tub befor you fill it with fresh water is critical. Fill your spa, fush, then drain, then fill again while Inspecting the spa filter. If any of the filter material comes apart or frays, replace it.

Check all the insulation for signs of insects or rodents. Most hot tubs allow you to remove all the panels. Be sure to remove every panel, and look at all areas. If you find mold, rotten wood or infestation fix it right away.

Check, Everything

Once you've cleaned everything and refilled your spa, it's time to turn it on. Once the spa has power, make sure everything works:

If you have an ozonator - check it.  Be sure all of the top-side buttons work.  And check the jets. Most jets can open and close by turning the front. If it is not working, try turning the face to the right or left.  If you are in the Cleveland area and need help, give us a call - we can schedule an appointment and get your jets working.

Hot Tub Cover

Your cover if cared for will last a long time.  Be sure to clean the cover on a monthly basis.  Be sure to use mild cleanser and do not use bleach or ammonia, and use a vinyl protector from Northcoast.

If you have a cover lifter good - if you don't, invest in one.  They keep the cover off the ground and make getting out of the tub less of a chore.

Water Treatment

Test the water after you fill your hot tub - before adjusting the chemistry.  This is your base line and it is easier to get to balanced water if you have a base reading.  Test the pH & Alkalinity. Test the hardness. Then shock the water and add a sanitizer.  Read the directions and allow time between adding chemicals.

Keep the Area Clean

Sweep around the tub and any paths to the tub.  Remember things stick to your feet or sandals and can make their way into the tub.


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