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How to repair your hot tub.

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Hot-Tub-Repair-ProfessionalsIf your hot tub is not running quite right, the first step is to isolate the problem general.

Your Hot Tub has 4 basic components:

1. Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Is your tub cold?  Is your pump not running?   The problem is in your mechanical and/or your electrical systems. The major components are the spa controller, hot tub motor, blower, spa pump, and heater.  These items make up the hot tub / spa pack,  Secondary components are the ozonator, filter system, and the GFCI.

Northcoast specializes in replacement parts and complete service.

Glossy-metal-buttons2. Frame and Cabinet
Normally the frame is made of wood.  Damage to the frame or cabinet is a big problem.  If the frame is damaged, the shell may be or may become damaged.  Sometimes a replacement part is available.  We strongly recommend having a service person come out and inspect the damage.

3. The Hot Tub Shell
Hot Tub shells should last about 30-40 years.  Minor damage to a hot tub shell may result in small cracks that leak water.  Major damage or wear and tear from the sun may cause spider cracks cannot be easily repaired.  Contact us to determine the extent of the damage.


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