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Your Hot Tub in Cool Weather

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Japanese-Snow-Monkeys-in-a-hot-tubPeople enjoy using their hot tub in the cold months. Soaking in a warm spa with a hot toddy can fix up most any stressful day or aching muscles.   Below are a few tips on how to save money and keep the water clean during the upcoming Winter months.

1. Protect the plumbing – if the temperature drops too much, you run the risk of freezing pipes.  Most hot tubs have a freeze protection system - be sure it is on and working.  This system will keep the spa at a constant temperature while not in use.  Set you timer to cycle every half hour to keep your pipes clear.

2. Check your supplies – have an extra filter cartridges, sanitizer, chemicals, and test strips to last until Spring.  If the roads are closed and you are in a blizzard, make sure you can jump right into warm bubbling water and not driving to pick up hot tub supplies.

Glossy-metal-buttons3. Check the water level - At least once per week, check the spa's water level. If the water in your hot tub is too low, the pumps and heater may be damaged - then prepare for broken pipes from frozen water.

4. Turn off Air Jets – Running the air jets in the winter uses a great amount of energy because they inject cold air into the spa water. If you do use your jets, make sure you turn them off after every use.


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