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Hot Tub Electrical Problems

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Electric-Shock-in-Hot-TubIf you have an electrical problem with your Hot Tub or Spa, more than likely your GFCI trips when you turn on the power

If you have a new hot tub, it was probably installed incorrectly.  Call your hot tub dealer and have them take a look at it.

Here are some steps to take if you are experiencing electrical problems with your Spa.

Isolate the problem

Turn off the power and unplug the heater from the control box.  You may also need to remove the wires leading to the heating element.

After unplugging the wires to the heating element, try turning the power back on. If the GFCI does not trip, the problem is with the heater.  Call Northcoast Spa for a quick fix.

If the GFCI trips, do the same process for the air blower, the lights, and then the pumps.  You'll uncover the problem quickly.

Check the Heating Element for Damage

Heating elements that have dry fired - take a look and see if it is charred or burnt - called a "dry fire." If this is the case, your filter may be old or clogged.  Another possibility is the shut-off valves were not opened from your last cleaning.  In general, the cause of  a dry fire is poor water flow.

Other Electrical Issues

Another electrical problem is if water is entering the blower or ozonator.  Check the line to the blower or ozonator, be sure there is no leak.  If water is leaking into the blower - this is a serious issue and it may need replacement.  Contact us to diagnose further and get you back into how water.

Circuit boards - this rarely occurs, but there may be a short in a transformer or the controller's circuit board.


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