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110-DAmour-lifestyleShopping -- and paying for a hot tub should easy and relaxing. North Coast Spa & Hot Tub makes the experience better by explaining the steps and all that you will need to know.  We cover the features and how to care for your purchase.  We install set up and can maintain your tub so it lasts for years and years.

Hot tubs and spas have come a long way in the past 20 years. A modern tub has several parts:

The shell.  It may be constructed from wood, molded acrylic, fiberglass, thermal plastic, poured concrete or air-blown concrete known as gunite.

Pump. The pump circulates the water through the jets and filters. Some manufacturers include two-speed pumps, the higher speed for jet action and the lower speed for circulation. Others may combine a single pump with a smaller circulation pump.

Filter.  You will find tubs have several types of filters. Cartridge filters are the most common, but larger tubs may use filters of sand or diatomaceous earth. Those filters are more efficient but more time consuming to clean.

The cabinet. This is the outer box that encloses an above-ground tub. It may be made from wood or synthetic materials.

Seating. Wooden or classic tubs may have simple bench-style seats.  Newer molded tubs give you a variety of contoured seats. Seats may be upright or reclining, and may provide extra head, neck or arm support.

Jets. The number and placement of water jets varies widely.

Heater. Most spa heaters run on electricity, but some are fueled by natural gas or wood.

Insulation. This fills all or part of the space between the shell and the cabinet. The better the insulation, the less energy the tub will use.

Controls. A simple control panel allows users to adjust the water temperature, and turn jets on and off. Fancier hot tubs may include controls for adjusting the pressure of individual jets, activating lights and even playing music.

Experts say the best hot tub is the one that best fits your lifestyle, which is a very personal decision.

Contact us and we will gladly go through your options when you begin looking for a hot tub to improve your time at home.


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