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Finding a leak in your swimming pool

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happy-family-in-swimming-pool-houston-txWe recommend the first thing to do to take care of a leak in your Cleveland area swimming pool is to contact us.

Here's a list of typical problems that indicate a leak:
  1. Look closely at the filter, pump, heater and the pipe valves.
  2. Are there any wet areas around the pool? Check the ground for moisture. Walk around the pool, and by the pool and the equipment. Check for wet soil and sunken or eroding areas.
  3. Do you have a vinyl liner pool? Look for tears or separations around all the fittings, skimmers, returns, cleaner line, lights, steps and the corners.
To confirm a leak, try these techniques. If you suspect a leak, here are a few ways to check.

  • Mark the water level of the pool at the skimmer. Use a grease pencil to mark the water level. Check the mark 24 hours later. 
  • Place a bucket filled with pool water on a pool step. Mark the water level on both the inside and the outside of the bucket. Make sure the water levels are the same inside the bucket as the pool water level outside the bucket. Check the mark 24 hours later.  This test needs to be conducted with the pump on, then again with the pump off.
  • If the pool is losing water, turn off the filtration system and note where the water stops dropping.  Stop the test if you have a liner pool and the water level is dropping rapidly.
  • Add water and call us at Northcoast Spa (888-772-2273), or complete a request for service.

Locating the Source of the Leak

  • If the water stops at the bottom of skimmer opening, the leak is probably in the skimmer or filtration system (including the pipes). If you suspect you have a leak in the filtration system:
  • Check, to see if you see air bubbles in the water in the return line when the pool's pump is running. If so, there is a leak in the suction side of the filtration system.
  • Be sure the pump basket lid is tight and that the lid o-ring is lubed and in good condition.
  • If the water stops at the light, the leak is probably at the light housing.
  • If the water drops below the light, then there may be a leak in the drain at the bottom the pool.
  • If the pool is losing more water while the pump is running, the leak is on the return line side of the system. In this case, check the waste or backwash line for running water,
  • If you suspect you have a leak in the skimmer, light, liner, look closely for something that looks like a crack, gap or tear.
Put a drop or two of dye test solution or some of your pH indicator test reagent near a suspected leak point. Do this with the pump shut off and the water still. See if the dye is sucked into the crack, gap or tear.


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