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Over the last ten years the spa industry has complicated the original theory behind spas and hot tubs. For 30 years,
the quintessential joy of hot tubbing was stress relieving, quiet, private, romantic and therapeutic moments away from the daily grind. Some manufacturers now offer over a hundred jets, three pumps, TVs, DVD systems, and fountain displays, just to site a few. What happened to the quiet, private, and therapeutic hot tub time? Nordic has not wavered in its focus on Simplicity.


From the beginning, Nordic understood the buyers desire to “feel better” when using a hot tub. Soak- ing your foot in a bucket is hydrotherapy, as is sitting in a bathtub. Adding jets to the tub increases the therapeutic value. But as every

athletic trainer and physical therapist knows, High Volume Circular Flow, “Whirlpool”, is the superior form of hydrotherapy. Perfected in our round tubs and duplicated in the square models, Nordic offers superior Whirlpool Therapy in every model. We are proud to lead the industry in Therapeutic Spas for the home.

Bells and whistles can drive up costs; many features are added to grab attention in the showroom; glitzy features rarely add function. Most manufactures continue to use acrylic even though polyethylene shells are 10 times more durable. At
Nordic, a lifetime warranty means more than a shiny shell. Nordic offers one of the most affordable line of spas without sacrificing quality.

Unlike price point spas that are popping up across the marketplace. Nordic has always relied on local dealers to sell the Nordic line. Throughout our history, building a highly reliable product has been our goal. We clamp and glue every jet water
fitting in our line. Every component used in our spas is a proven industry leader. In fact, we use the same components found in spas that sell for two to three times our price. Lastly, we water test every tub twice, just to assure our dealers and customers that Nordic’s reliability is second to none!