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PDC Spas offers a diverse line of hot tubs and swim spas with unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to manufacturing advanced hydrotherapy products that change lives by improving health and reducing stress. Each hot tub and swim spa model is meticulously engineered utilizing patented comfort and performance technology, providing a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. Offering 16 hot tub models and 14 swim spa models we offer what the customers are looking for. PDC Spas  products have been designed and built in  the USA for over 60 years making us the  most trusted name in the industry.

Hot Tubs

Transform your backyard into an outdoor space that will revitalize your home, encourage time with family and friends, and promote health and wellness. Watch your living space expand as you relax in your PDC Spas hot tub in any season, built for economical and reliable operation year round.  When surrounded by all the comforts of home, it is easier than ever to treat yourself to rest and relaxation or entertain for a night of fun! When you choose PDC Spas, you buy with confidence and own with pride, American made for six decades.

Swim Spas

PDC Swim Spas and Fitness Spas are where innovation and fitness meet for a new approach to a healthier, happier lifestyle. With 60 years of manufacturing expertise, PDC Spas delivers a flawless performance of patent pending design and customer driven features for swim and fitness spas that deliver decades of enjoyment and wellness.